Two ways that a chemical dosing system can make a food manufacturing facility more sanitary

It is crucial for those who run food manufacturing facilities to ensure that their premises are kept in a sanitary condition. Here are two ways that a chemical dosing system can help them to do this. 

It minimises the risk of the incorrect cleaning fluid being used for a specific task

In most food manufacturing facilities, all of the various types of cleaning products that are used to clean the premises are stuffed into a single cupboard.

Due to the fact that a lot of these cleaning products come in very similar packaging, it is often all too easy for an employee to mistakenly grab the wrong bottle and then use it in an area which it is not designed to clean. This type of error could lead to a whole host of problems.

For example, if an employee has been tasked with cleaning a worktop that raw meat is prepared on, which, as a result of this, needs to be sanitised with an anti-bacterial cleaning fluid, but they accidentally use a plain surfactant product instead, some harmful bacteria may be left behind on the worktop.

When this surface is then used again in the future, any raw meat which is placed onto it could become contaminated with, for instance, salmonella or E.coli. The end customer who eventually consumes the food product that contains this meat could then develop food poisoning as a result of this.

However, installing one of the chemical dosing systems sold by Geoff Barton can eliminate the possibility of employees making this type of mistake, as the system's dispensers that hold various cleaning fluids will not only be clearly labelled and easy to visually differentiate from one another but will also be fitted in the specific parts of the building where they are needed.

It makes it easier for employees to thoroughly clean the facility in a short amount of time

Sanitising a large food manufacturing facility that does not contain a chemical dosing system can be incredibly time-consuming. As a result of this, employees in these types of facilities who are in a hurry may occasionally fail to thoroughly clean certain surfaces, simply because they do not have enough time during their workday to complete this job.

This could have major ramifications for the owners of these facilities, as preparing food in an unsanitary environment could lead to their food products being contaminated with dangerous pathogens. It could also result in these businesses failing their annual health and safety inspections. Both of these issues could result in the closure of these enterprises.

The chemical dosing systems available from Geoff Barton can prevent these problems from arising, as they can make it easier for employees to thoroughly sanitise large areas in a short amount of time.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, employees will not have to traipse back and forth from the cleaning stock cupboard each time they need to get the products that they need to complete a specific cleaning task. Instead, the cleaning fluids they need for sanitising certain sections of the facility will be available in dispensers which are installed in those specific areas.

Secondly, they won't have to physically open bottles of cleaning products and pour out precise quantities of the fluids inside, before closing these bottles and putting them away again.

Instead, all they have to do when they require a certain cleaning product is press the lever on the dosing system's dispenser, and the correct amount of fluid will be squirted into their spray bottle or bucket.