Maintaining Your Residential Septic Tank: 3 Top Tips

The septic tank in your home requires regular maintenance. If you fail to complete these maintenance tasks, you may find that your septic tanks fails or operates in a substandard way. Below is a guide to some of the things you can do to ensure that your residential septic tank remains in top condition.

Lower the amount of water used to flush your toilet

With each flush of the toilet, water will enter your septic tank. If you do not limit the amount of water which is dispensed during each flush cycle, you may find that your septic tank reaches max capacity very quickly. This will mean that you will need to arrange for more frequent visits by a sanitation contractor who will empty the tank on your behalf.

Not only can this be costly, but the weight of excess water can also cause a lot of excess strain on the fabric of the metal tank. You can reduce the amount of water contained in every flush by placing a brick in the toilet cistern. This will displace some of the water, resulting in a lower volume flush. Doing this will also help to cut your water bill.

Be careful what you flush down the toilet

Many problems with septic tanks occur due to incorrect use. A septic tank and the connected pipes are not designed to deal with anything except human waste and toilet tissue. If you flush other items such sanitary products, contraceptives, wet wipes and paper towels, they can all potentially cause blockages in the septic tank system.

If your septic tank becomes blocked, you may find that your toilet no longer flushes as it should. Water may collect in the bowl and in extreme cases, the water may back up and flood your bathroom. This can be very unpleasant as it will lead to human waste contaminating your home. If you flush anything down the toilet that is forbidden, you should contact a septic tank service. An engineer will be able to inspect the system before removing any objects which are causing a blockage.

Have the tank inspected and cleaned

You should periodically have the septic tank inspected by a contractor from a septic tank servicing company. The contractor will check for any signs of damage and will drain and flush the tank to ensure that no debris has built up inside it.

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